IWV CReco sIWV CR eco

The IWV CR eco is a small footprint computed radiography system designed to meet the needs of all veterinary professionals. With the IWV CR eco, you can convert to digital with complete peace of mind knowing that your system is backed by in-house IWV hardware and software engineers. You can now say goodbye to film, chemicals and re-takes.

Image Acquisition Software

Once the digital images are acquired with the IWV CR eco, the images can be further manipulated using our superior image acquisition software. The ability to enhance the digital images with various tools improves diagnostic capability and ensures quick turnaround.

Total System Accountability

IWV is dedicated to Total System Accountability. Total System Accountability means better service and on time support when you need it. Our customers know that when you need help, you get it, no excuses, no finger pointing.

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