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The FleXX Digital Imaging Bundle is a complete veterinary dental x-ray system in a box.

Delivering all the performance, quality and benefits of IWV Dental Imaging products in one package.

The FleXX Digital Imaging Bundle generates revenue and saves thousands $$$

  • Deliver better medicine
  • Increase revenue and charge a premium for this state-of-the art technology
  • Break/Even in 6 months with only ten series/month
  • Incredible marketing tool. Position your hospital as a community or city leader with diagnostic services and client convenience beyond what any other practice in your area provides
  • Reduces labor and anesthesia time
  • Increases patient throughput
  • Safer for the animal because of reduced x-ray exposure
  • Cost savings (no more film, mounts, chemistry, time, floor space, maintenance, filing)
  • Environmentally friendly (no film or chemicals)
  • Save $$ on room prep and installation versus a wall-mounted or mobile veterinary dental x-ray machine
  • Powerful recruiting tool to attract new Veterinarians and Technicians

Most importantly, get support from one company, IWV Digital. Eliminate finger-pointing from piecing together components and parts from different manufacturers.

FDA-approved for handheld use, unlike the vast majority of portable handheld veterinary dental x-ray machines you see advertised online.

Power up the Image-Vet FleXX and the IWV Imaging Optimized Acquisition Laptop and you’re all set to start taking dental radiographs the SAME DAY you take delivery. 

  • No contractor to prepare or modify your walls 
  • No electrician to wire for power
  • No drilling holes or drywall dust 
  • No measuring ceiling heights
  • No wondering if the X-ray will reach where you need it to go 
  • No scheduling installation
  • No struggling with a drifting X-ray head 
  • No storing a bulky mobile cart

Don’t settle for “quotes” from pharmaceutical distributors.  IWV Digital X-Ray consults with you to understand your objectives and to provide a tailored, single source, turn-key solution, on-time and within your budget.  We’re digital veterinary imaging experts who provide a total solution. 

Avoid costly mistakes! Ask your pharmaceutical rep these questions about digital dental

  • Will I get free technical support for the life of the system? 
  • How much will I have to pay for a support contract once my warranty is up? 
  • Can I use my regular X-ray machine for dental radiographs? 
  • Is CR an efficient technology for dental radiographs? 
  • Do you offer a trade-in/trade-up program when I need to upgrade? 
  • Will I have access to US-based support from a knowledgeable, English-speaking technician? 
  • I’m upgrading from older technology.  How will I transfer my patient history and how much will it cost me to smoothly access my data?
  • Do I have to buy data storage or Cloud services from you to ensure future access to my patient’s radiographs?
  • Can I use any sensor with any software?  
  • If something goes wrong, will you give me preferred pricing to replace my equipment and assist me in filing an insurance claim?

Moving on from CR technology?

Call and find out how to never handle or scan a dental cassette ever again

Images on the screen in 2-5 SECONDS!

Retakes can be done immediately while the patient is still in position

Trade-in/Trade-up incentives available!

Moving on from Film?

  • Reduces turnaround time to only seconds, improving patient care and client satisfaction
  • Virtually eliminates labor costs associated with standard x-ray processing
  • Eliminates x-ray film
  • Eliminates dental cassettes
  • Eliminates darkroom
  • Eliminates film processor
  • Eliminates chemical cost, inventorying, waste disposal and mess
  • Improves employee morale with filmless technology
  • Trade-in/Trade-up incentives available!


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*IWV Wall-mount or Mobile intra-oral x-rays may be substituted for the FleXX with an upcharge. Ask your Equipment Consultant.

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