Benefits of Digital Radiography vs Film

Whether you are an established veterinarian looking to upgrade from film x-rays or a newer veterinarian looking to expand your practice by offering dental radiography you’ll find the benefits of digital radiography offered by IWV to be well worth the investment.

The operational simplicity of IWV digital radiography products consolidates workflow as it builds productivity and increases sales. Today, more veterinary professionals are making the move to digital imaging from IWV for some powerful reasons:

Digital radiography compared to film means:

  • Significantly less radiation - higher patient safety
  • Better images - better care
  • Lower costs - more net income
  • No chemicals - environmentally friendly

Instant display of radiographic images means:

  • More efficient treatment
  • Quicker diagnosis for you
  • Easier client education for the patient's owner
  • Reduced anesthesia time

Having all your images electronically means:

  • Instant and secure storage and retrieval of images
  • No more loss or misfiling of radiographs
  • More consistent images, leading to less retakes and saved time
  • Enhanced images for better owner education and treatment planning

Increase your net income using digital imaging:

  • Save time = lower labor costs = less overhead
  • No variable costs like film, developer/fixer chemicals
  • The darkroom is eliminated - better utilize your office space

Switch to digital imaging today and receive FREE Lifetime Technical Support from IWV. Only IWV products carry this level of customer support.

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